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Let Perspex® bring a little colour to your world with the new Pastels range

Let Perspex SA transform your ordinary into the extraordinary by combining colour and cast acrylic. The Perspex ® Sweet Pastels range will add the perfect burst of colour you need for your home, office or retail space.

Designers are loving pastels and it’s one of the colour trends in 2018. These soft hues are being used to substitute more neutral tones and are being used on walls and through accessories in a more confident way of decorating.

The return to pastels fits in perfectly with the new retro seventies design trend. Items that compliment these softer tones are metals, like gold and brass, together with patterns and textures.

Our Perspex ® Sweet Pastels range of cast acrylic is right on-trend. This amazing range is sure to bring a sense of fun and inspiration into any space. One of the great benefits of our pastel range is that one side is satin and the other gloss, providing 2 unique looks.

The sheeting is lightweight and easy to install. It’s also extremely durable and the hard wearing properties are more than capable of meeting the demanding requirements of a retail or office space. Whether you use it for window displays, product displays, signage, exhibitions or interior decorating, the Perspex ® Sweet Pastels range won’t disappoint!

You will be thrilled to know that the range comes with a 10-year outdoor guarantee which ensures that the product won’t lose its brilliant eye-catching colour over the years due to weathering.

Introduce pastel tones into your living or work space by using the Sweet Pastels range to transform ordinary furniture and fittings into something extraordinary.

Use Perspex ® Sweet Pastel Cast Acrylic to liven up your storage:

Perspex® Sweet Pastels

Light it up and use it on light fixtures:

Perspex® Sweet Pastels Lights

Show it off and use it on shelving:

Perspex® Sweet Pastels Shelves

There are many ways you can use the Perspex ® Sweet Pastels range to add that pop of colour to your world.

Bring your design dreams to life with the Perspex® Sweet Pastels cast acrylic range. Contact our team of experts to find out more about the forming and fabrication possibilities of this exciting product. 


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