Perspex South Africa supplies sub-Saharan Africa customers with aluminium composite sheeting in a wide range of exciting colours. At the core of Alupanel® is polyethylene (which is sandwiched between two aluminum sheets) resulting in a material that is remarkably strong relative to its weight.

Alupanel® composite panels give form to innovative design
Alupanel® is a rigid aluminium composite sheeting that is ideal for signage, advertising, construction and architectural design solutions. It is an excellent medium for out of home media, shop fitting, POS displays, exhibition stands, partitioning, wall linings, suspended ceilings and many industrial applications.

This high quality, rigid yet light and stable aluminium composite panel is available in a wide range of colours and is suitable for digital printing, screen-printing, vinyl application and painting. Alupanel® composite sheets are characterized by high thermal and UV resistance and are able to retain their shape and distinct flatness in extreme temperatures. Alupanel® ACM panels are simple to cut, router, fold and bend and they can be fashioned into almost any shape without compromising rigidity.

Choose the right aluminium composite product for the application
Alupanel® aluminium composite sheeting is prized among architects for use in constructing innovative interior and exterior cladding solutions. Three Alupanel® variants are available from Perspex South Africa in a wide range of colours; Alupanel®, Alupanel® Lite and Alupanel® XT. Our technical team will assist in the choice of the most suitable sheeting for each project and explain the forming and fabrication capabilities of the raw material. All our products carry appropriate warranties.

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The Alupanel® Composite Sheet Collection
There are three product options in the Alupanel® range of aluminium composite sheeting, each suitable for different applications. All variations are high quality, rigid, light and stable with a high UV resistance and available in a wide selection of colours.




MultipanelUK manufacture Alupanel® using specialised coatings according to the recommended application. Sign and display panels have Polyester or Polyurethane paint, some with specially developed digital coatings to enhance print results, whilst architectural panels are available with a choice of paint systems including PVDF, FEVE and HDP.

* Brushed and mirror finishes are guaranteed for interior use for 5 years.