/Perspex® Cast Acrylic

Perspex® Cast Acrylic gives form to creativity
Perspex® Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality durable plastic sheeting used the world over to bring life to the ideas of architects, specifiers, interior designers, furniture designers, brand architects, graphic designers, automotive designers and fabricators.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheets can be formed and fabricated into a vast spectrum of designs, ranging from signage to furniture, lighting, glazing, printing and sanitary ware. Perspex South Africa has been the market leader in the supply of Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheets to sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years and offers an extensive range of options in innovative finishes, textures and colours.

Cast Acrylic sheeting suits a multitude of projects
Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheeting provides the ultimate in design flexibility and is the first choice for manufacturing signs and advertising material; glazing for caravan windows, boats and motor vehicle windscreens; producing furniture, lighting, flooring, roofing, partitioning, and decorative elements; and constructing sanitary ware such as baths, basins, Jacuzzis, sinks and shower trays.

Our technical team will assist in the choice of the most suitable Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheet product for each project and explain the forming and fabrication capabilities. All products carry appropriate warranties.


Caravan & Marine Glazing





Civil Aviation

Interior Decor


Stairs & Railings

Brochure Holders

Fabricated Boxes




The Perspex® Cast Acrylic Collection for every occasion

Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheet is manufactured in an exciting range of colours and finishes to suit every end product imaginable – Perspex® Cast Acrylic will provide the result you are looking for and exceed expectations.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheet is consistent, high quality and durable, offering the ultimate in design flexibility and fabrication.

  • Laser, CAD or CAM cut
  • Milled and drilled
  • Cemented and assembled
  • Screen printed and engraved
  • Shaped and machined
  • Thermo-formed and bent
  • Polished and routed
  • Drape formed and pre-formed
  • Exceptional light transmission with no inherent edge colour
  • Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering
  • Impact and abrasion resistant so structures withstand wear and tear even in the busiest areas
  • Brilliant light transmission with no inherent edge colour
  • High gloss, hard surface
  • Good thermoformability, allowing for intricate fabrication techniques
  • Easy to clean
  • UV Stability
  • Good scratch and chemical resistance
  • Fire retardant thermal properties ensure burning Perspex® Cast Acrylic produces little smoke and does not promote the spread of fire. Cast Acrylic Fire Rating: Class 3
  • Low density, making it lightweight and economical
  • Can be cold bent within certain limits
  • Fully recyclable
  • Can match any corporate colour requirements
  • Suitable for engraving and profile cutting
  • Long lifespan
  • Durable
Technical Manuals
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