/Controllers & Dimmers

From longer range Radio Frequency (RF) or WiFi transmitting controllers with a host of dimming and colour changing scene modes, to affordable transmitters with more features than you might think – customers’ every need is catered for.

The LED solutions team will help you select the perfect LED controller and dimmer from an extensive range of options including exclusively highly regarded LTECH products. In support of Perspex SA’s range of controllers and dimmers – high quality amplifiers, DMX receivers & transmitters and other accessories relevant to your specific needs are also offered.


  • Compact design and easy operation
  • Used with controller R4-5A or R4-CC
  • Form a complete lighting system with DX Series Touch Panel and WiFi LED Controller.

The D Series range comes in wired and wireless options

D series touch panel controllers (D1-D8) are wall-mounted LED controllers, widely used for commercial/office/household lighting, workable for dimming, color temperature, RGB and RGBW control. Among them, D5, D6, D7 and D8 are DMX512 control panels, used for DMX512 lamps. Our D series could satisfy the controlling demand for all kinds of LED lighting products.

  • D series touch panel controller incorporates the best controlling technology.
  • Simply fashioned in appearance and design.
  • Unique structure, super easy to install/remove.
  • Support DMX 512 output(only D5, D6, D7, D8), control DMX lamps.
  • Support 4 zones(Just D5, D6, D7, D8), different zones can be controlled differently.
  • High accuracy touch IC+special post-processing, the touch accuracy is highly regarded.
  • Easy to use.
  • Touch along with chord music & LED indicator. Visual, Auditory and Touch, 3 layers to feel the light-changing synchronously.
  • Pioneered T-PWM dimming technology provides an almost perfect dimming and colour mixing performance.

Performance Features

  • Adopt 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology.
  • Built-in dual core driver, provides 10 times the processing speed. Can process the wireless data transmission in complicated and multiple levels.
  • Advanced RF and wireless sync/zone control technology, no sync signal wire between receivers, sync capability is stable and reliable.
  • Remote controller incorporates the capacitive touch control technology on the wheel.
  • The remote control built-in sync-status indicator, shows the status of the LED synchronously.
  • Color changing scene mode and preset storage function.
  • USB charging port.

We offer a range of high quality SPI controllers.

With the RF remote controller you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, set the colour, adjust the changing speed and brightness, change the transition, adjust the RGB sequence, select the IC type, storage and play custom scenarios.

We have a large variety of amplifiers and dimmers that are suited for all applications.