/Extruded Acrylic

Extruded Acrylic sheet ideal for designers, shopfitters and fabricators
Extruded Acrylic, medium impact (MI) and ultra high impact (UHI), has properties similar to Perspex® Cast Acrylic. Due to its lower molecular weight, however, Extruded Acrylic sheeting has lower crazing, chemical, and solvent resistance, but provides better vacuum forming definition.

Extruded Acrylic sheet design capabilities
Extruded Acrylic is a highly durable plastic sheeting used by designers and fabricators world-wide to give shape and form to creative ideas. Extruded Acrylic sheet has excellent thickness tolerance and is ideal for creating complex shapes.

Because Extruded Acrylic sheeting is easy to vacuum form it is highly suitable for manufacturing signs and advertising material; furniture production; lighting; and the printing industry. It is available in Opal and Clear (UHI) and Clear (MI), medium impact.


Interior Decor

Screen Printing

Curtain Walls


Shop Fitting


POS & POP Displays


  • UV and weather resistant so suitable for outdoor applications
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Scratched surfaces easily polished
  • Non-toxic fumes emitted in fire and easily extinguished with water. Extruded Acrylic Rating: Class 4
  • No carcinogenic or hazardous substances
  • Food Contact Approved
  • More transparent than glass with 92% light transmission and half the weight of glass.
  • Low Haze at less than 1%
  • Easily thermoformed and machined
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