/LED Modules

Perspex SA offer a wide range of joinable LED modules, from 1-9 LED’s, 0.24 Watts to 18 Watts – all quality assured with up to 5 year warranties and IP 68 dust and water resistance.

The various modules have different sizes, degrees of beam-spread, colour options and shapes (including double sided variations), intended to match any LED requirements. The module ranges include:

  • Backlit Range (160° beam angle and reduced power consumption)
  • Edgelit Range (with optical lense designed for edge lighting, letter & light boxes)
  • Mini Series (perfect for raised, narrow fabricated letters & light boxes)

Perspex SA’s LED solutions team will pay close attention to your design intent and make your choice of modules as clear and simple as possible, no matter what your application. They will help you select the perfect LED controller, dimmer and power supply for your needs from the options available including the prestigious LTECH range.

NC LED Modules – Please note most of our modules come in colors such as red, green, blue and orange. We have a few options available in different kelvin’s such as warm white and natural white. We also stock an NC LED RGB Module.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED modules in Korea, NC LED has gained a reputation for supplying competitively priced quality products supported by good customer service.


General description:

  • Excellent design “Lense Cover Technology”
  • High Luminosity & Compact design
  • Long life span, life time of 50,000 hours</l
  • Specialized design for Waterproofing
  • Color temperature uniformity is guaranteed

The modules are made in KOREA in a ISO 9001 : 2008 Qualified Facility.
[Reference: NEC Website]

Perspex SA has launched a new wide angle LED Module range with 160 Degree beam angle. By using these LED Modules you can cut down your usage by up to 50%. This also has an added benefit of reducing the amount of power required for the sign.

These LED Modules come with a standard 5 year replacement warranty.

These LED Modules have an optimized optical lens designed for edge lighting light boxes. You can edge light large channel letters with these LED Modules. We also have modules that can illuminate up to a 2.5 meter high light box.

These LED Modules come with a standard 5 year replacement warranty.

A pleasant, homogeneous light distribution effect is produced using Star or Push Through LED Modules. Continuous light lines can be effortlessly achieved with luminaries mounted edge to edge.

Tridonic is specified for many major corporate brands looking for high quality LED solutions that will provide hassle-free lighting. Tridonic Signage components are perfectly matched to one another and offer reliability and safety for applications and projects.

Double Sided LED Modules
Designed to be used in large double sided light boxes, 200mm plus, where maximum light output is required.

5 Year Warranty Replacement Warranty