/LED Profiles & Accessories

An extensive range of aluminium extrusions are stocked from recess, staircase and in-ground to hanging, cornice, edge lit and surface mount profiles. These profiles are offered in various finishes and supplied with clear, frosted or white inserts.

LED EXT profiles are also available ensuring that Perspex SA can provide a solution to match the design intent.

The recessed type of LED aluminium strip profile is also suitable for lighting selected elements of furniture, such as shelves, drawers or cupboards.

With our profiles for indirect lighting you can light up your wall or ceiling to create a spacious effect, whether it’s in private environments, offices or hotels.

LED edge lit profiles are made of sturdy anodized aluminium metal for edge lighting glass or Plexiglass signs with sandblasting or laser etched graphics and logos.

A pleasant, homogeneous light distribution effect is produced using In-ground profiles. Continuous light lines can be effortlessly achieved with luminaries mounted edge to edge.

The most popular aluminium LED strip profiles are our Surface Mounted Profiles. They are ideal for mounting directly onto any flat surface with the optional mounting brackets.

If you need to illuminate steps or stairs our Staircase Profile may be the solution, it has ridges built-in providing a non-slip finish.

These Hanging Profiles are fantastic for creating high-powered hanging lights as they are wide enough to contain double lengths of our ultra-high power LED Strips. The aluminium construction provides substantial heat-management, essential to ensure the performance and longevity of high-powered lighting. These profiles are also large enough to allow for the power supplies to be hidden inside the profile.