LinaShield provides unrivalled abrasion resistance
LinaShield is a groundbreaking product manufactured by Perspex South Africa. It is designed for optimal durability in harsh, high abrasion environments; providing reduced downtime and extended life for capital equipment.

Easily installed LinaShield sets new standards
LinaShield is resistant to damage and its superior resilience means fewer incidences of equipment downtime and increased productivity.

Specify versatile LinaShield
Fields with practical needs for LinaShield include mining, transportation, thermal power stations, farming, commercial, industrial and earthmoving vehicles. LinaShield is also used extensively for wear linings, conveyor belts and silos.





Dump Truck & Wagon Linings

Wear Linings - Chute


LinaShield Forming & Fabrication
LinaShield’s flexibility allows for a wide variety of fabrication techniques to be applied to it. These include bonding, printing, coating & metallizing and welding.

  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion, strokes and penetration of sharp objects
  • Resistant to oils, greases, many solvents and fats
  • Weather and high energy radiation resistant
  • Elasticity in broad temperature range (-70 °C to over 200°C)
  • No skin irritation
  • No plasticizers, therefore enhanced longevity compared to rubber
  • Perfect for welding and bonding
  • Excellent low-temperature impact strength
  • Long lasting for reduced downtime
  • Reduces vibration on bushings, bearings and other truck suspension elements, ensuring longer lifespan







LinaShield is marketed and distributed by Pro Op Industries on behalf of Perspex SA.

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