PPH & PPC sheeting for industry, packaging and appliances
Perspex South Africa manufactures both PPH (Polypropylene hompoloymer) for general-purpose use and PPC (Polypropylene co-polymer) for high impact use. Polypropylene sheets are low density with good impact strength. PPH and PPC exhibit high chemical resistance and lend themselves to fabrication and welding.

Polypropylene sheets ideal for a range of specialized uses
Polypropylene sheeting products are used for a variety of purposes such as tank building; chemical storage; ducting; and the manufacture of fume cabinets. Polypropylene sheeting is also suitable for use in food contact applications.
Perspex South Africa’s technical staff will assist in the choice of the most suitable sheet product for each project and explain the forming and fabrication capabilities of our raw materials. All our products carry appropriate warranties.

Chopping Block




Fume Cabinets

  • Low density material
  • Rigid, hard and strong with good impact strength
  • Suitable for use in food contact applications
  • Non-stick surface
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easily fabricated and welded