We offer the most extensive range of acrylic sheeting and extruded products, so whether you’re an interior designer creating a cutting edge bathroom or a signage manufacturer producing LED or illuminated outdoor signs, Perspex South Africa’s team is able to assist in terms of the choice in products, colours, finishes and fabrication properties. Our class leading Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheeting is available in a large selection of colours and finishes including; clear tints, translucent opals, frosted, textured, fluorescent, metallic and sparkling effects.

Our range of extruded materials consists of polycarbonate, extruded acrylic, flame retardant ABS VO thermoplastic sheeting, high impact polypropylene or HDPE for tank building, fume cabinets, chemical storage and ducting. In addition, Perspex SA also offers aluminium composite panels completing our extensive range.